Rainy Day Lead Generation Ideas

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When it is rainy, cold, and sometimes difficult to be outside,here are a couple ideas to help you generate some leads during the slow part of the year:
1. Create a list of recommended seasonal service providers.
If you can, ask the selected vendors to provide a discount
code for those clients who come to them as a result of your
guide or mailing. You can even provide a call to action, telling
people to visit your website to enter to win a full winter of free
snow blowing from one of those vendors (or whatever prizing
you can secure). You’ll capture the information of all of the
entrants and be able to market to them on an ongoing basis.
2. Now is a great time to build your network by attending those
conference and industry events that time didn’t allow for
during the busy season. Or, consider starting a casual meetup
with other agents in neighboring (but not competing)
markets. You’ll build up a referral network in no time!

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