The “M” Word


The “M” word. Do you know what it is? Yes, that’s right: Mold. Mold is a major nuisance for homeowners. Mold can darken decking, rot wood, discolor drywall, or even be damaging to your health. Almost every home deals with mold at some point from a little bit in your grout, to a major infestation that forces you to evacuate your home for a time. The trick is to deal with mold before it becomes a major issue to your health and your home.


Identifying Mold:

Identifying mold is a key factor in maintaining your home. One easy way to identify mold is to simply look with your eyes. The most visible type of mold is mildew, which starts as small black spots. Another way you might identify mold is through your sense of smell. If you have a large concentration of mold, you will most likely smell it…

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