Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Judy Gang

Everyone is familiar with the tradition of Spring Cleaning, but fewer people are familiar with the more important task of proofing your home for winter. Before it gets too cold outside, you need to make sure to check everything from your foundation to your roof to make sure that your home is ready to withstand the winter months.

  1. Check the roof and attic

    1. Let’s start with the roof. Make sure to clean out your gutters, removing leaves, twigs, and any built up water. You also need to check out your shingles and make note of any missing or damaged areas, which could indicate that your roof needs to be replaced.

    2. Next, move to the attic. Check for water stains and mold, which are usually indicative of a leaking roof or sub-par ventilation. For proper ventilation, make sure that none of the vents in the attic are covered or obstructed by…

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