Travel Tips: Pre-Vacation Checklist to Ensure a Safe and Pleasant Return Home

Great idea!

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I’ll admit that I can get so wrapped up in the excitement and busyness of planning and preparing for a trip or vacation that I rarely give the house a second thought.  Lucky for me though, I have a husband who thinks about and is much more aware of such important matters.

In the days and hours before we go out of town, he goes through a checklist of sorts (though it’s just in his head) and makes sure our house is not only a safe place to return to, but also a pleasant one.  While on a road trip recently, I picked his brain, and we came up with a list of 10 important things we do to not only ensure our house safe, but also a nice place to come back to!

Sure, I don’t want my basement flooded, the pipes to freeze, or any other unspeakable disaster…

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