Six Signs of Termites in Your Home



Now is the time to check for termites.  So here’s some tips on what to look for.

Why now? Because although this can take place at any time of the year, it most often happens in spring when adult termites leave their colony looking for a place to reproduce. Here are six obvious signs showing that you home might have been infected by termites:

1. Termite swarms

Having a couple of swarms in your garden or backyard doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is infected. However, you can start worrying if you find numerous swarms, as this is one of the signs indicating that termites have inhabited your home.

2. Discarded termite wings

Watch out for discarded wings which are often the only sign of a potential termite infestation. Shredding wings helps termites to move into small crevices and begin a new colony after leaving the old one.

3. Termite shelter tubes

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