Help Sellers Prepare for a Home Inspection

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ImageEvery seller breathes a sigh of relief when an offer to purchase their home is presented. Once that contract is signed, both sides want the sale to close.  However a home inspection, detailing a list of imperfections, can sometimes hurt or end the original deal.  

The guys at Integrity Real Estate Inspection L.L.C. have put together a great list to help sellers prepare for the home inspection. While many of these items are considered routine home maintenance rather than a defect, today’s buyers know they have more bargaining power than ever before and will use the information listed in the home inspection report to their financial advantage. 

Consider getting these items off the list before putting your home on the market: 

  • Divert all water away from the house; this includes downspouts, sump pump drainage, condensation drains, etc. The slope or grade of the property should carry water away from…

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