How to Clean Your Dryer (and help prevent a dryer fire)

Great tips about cleaning your dryer vent!

Yonder Wild

How to Clean Your Dryer

Last week our neighbors had a house fire.  Our small street swarmed with fire engines and firemen, and fortunately the fire was put out rapidly.  Luckily everyone was safe and the home suffered no structural damage. Still, fire is destructive, and it will be weeks before they can get back to living in their house.   The cause of this terrifying event – a dryer fire.

Over 80% of homes in the US have a dryer in them, and (according to the National Fire Protection Association) there are over 16,000 dryer fires a year, with appox. 50 deaths.  The number one cause of these fires is from failure to clean the machines regularly.

So inspired by recent events, I wanted to share how to clean your dryer properly and keep your home and family safe.  This is a revealing post because I have to admit two things I rarely would. …

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