Problems To Look For During Home Inspection

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Inspect-it 1st

Here is a list of some typical occurrences or problems to look for in the systems of a house. This home inspection checklist is followed by the most reputed inspection companies in the United States.


  • Are any bricks missing or flaking?
  • Is there a crack or a break in the masonry cap?
  • Does the chimney look like it’s leaning?


  • Is the peak or ridge sagging, or is it in level?
  • Is the roof slumping between the trusses or rafters?
  • Is there any sign of deterioration, such as warping, curling, rounded corners, broken edges?
  • Are there any vents on the roof?


  • Is there any peeling paint or rust?
  • Make sure that gutters slant toward downspouts.
  • Are there any leaks or sagging sections?


  • Are there any cracks or flakes on the bricks?
  • Search for any missing mortar
  • Is the paint deteriorated?
  • Are the exterior walls…

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